Knives, Eggs, Tomatoes and more!

Version 1.3

  • Added popup text for some of twitch mode's commands
  • Added popup text for box purchases
  • Added knives
  • Added eggs
  • Added tomatoes
  • Added pickles
  • Added chicken nuggets
  • You can now skip customers
  • Replaced the "!order_box" command with "!spawn_box" in Twitch mode
  • Fixed small typo in one of twitch mode's messages
  • Fixed bug which would allow thieves to steal money even if there wasn't any left
  • Fixed customer rotation bug
  • In previous versions in order to add new ingredients to a burger you would make them collide with the plate and they would get automatically placed in the correct position. From now on if they collide with other ingredients on the burger the same thing will happen.
  • In previous versions you could only hold a plate if you clicked on it. Now if you click on any ingredient on it you'll hold the plate.

Here are some gifs:


Street Burger v1.3 - 23 MB
Sep 10, 2017
Street Burger v1.3 - 25 MB
Sep 10, 2017
Street Burger v1.3 - 44 MB
Sep 10, 2017
Street Burger v1.3 - 40 MB
Sep 10, 2017

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